The Ohio Top Hands
Rodeo Team

Champions of the American West

The Ohio Top Hands know the meaning of attention to detail and teamwork.   Beginning in January of every year since 1999, riders haul their horses to winter practices from all corners of the great state of Ohio.  By spring, they are a functioning unit of twelve to twenty riders and horses, engaged in a great musical ride that requires careful attention to timing, spacing, speed and choreography.   A great horse and rider in the arena or parading down the street is a beautiful thing, but The Top Hands are an arenaful of spectacle.  When they come, sparkling in the spotlight or the sun, you will know  you are in the presence of something good about America.  Something worth preserving.

Over 100 riders and horses have passed through the ranks of the Top Hands since 1998.  They have left a trail of photographs and videos 16 years long, a trail that will show they were here and how good they were.  We hope you get to see us.  We hope we get to see you.

Look for videos of The Ohio Top Hands on YouTube.

Keep your eyes peeled on this website, we'll be posting our wherabouts as the tour year unfolds.  Or email us at and come try out the best sport you can ride, with the best mounted team in the state of Ohio.