The Ohio Top Hands
Rodeo Team

Champions of the American West

How to Contact The Top Hands

Interested in our services?  If you are producing an event or a parade and would like to have The Ohio Top Hands, let us know.

Want to ride with the Top Hands?  You must have a good, western-going horse between 14.2 and 16 hands, non-gaited, western stock.  The riders come from all parts of the great state of Ohio.  

Change your life;  join a team that does great things.  When they come, sparkling in the sun, carrying the Stars and Stripes aloft, horses happily in the company of their herd and riders radiant with friendship and pride, you know they are the best at what they do.  Practices are winter Saturdays January thru March, to rehearse for the tour year. 

There's no better way to train your horse than in a herd.  A finished Top Hand mount is a great ride, a fit horse and a happy horse.  Straight lines, rated speed and collection, smooth and precise turns.  Calm in a parade, confident running into a coliseum or rodeo arena.  

We don't show our horses, we show off.  We don't pay entry fees, we often get paid.  We don't want to run in and out of that arena in  20 seconds or less, we own that arena for 5 to 10 minutes.  We don't lose, we give autographs.  We don't haul miles to a rodeo to enter the gate just once, and we don't drag reluctant family or friends with us, we're with people who can't wait to get there.

This is the best thing you can do, with your horse.  Not just for yourself and your horse, but for the tradition and responsibility we have, to keep the western horse and the cowboy hat in the public view, lest the legend and romance are lost, forever.  Imagine a parade without horses.  Or a rodeo without a grand entry, the American Flag rippling around the perimeter, to begin a great show with a sense of happiness, patriotism and pride?  

If you have been wishing you had something fun and rewarding to do with your horse, give the Top Hands a visit.  When you're ready to really ride that horse, let us know. 

Ginger Patrick